We Speak Sorkin

We Speak Sorkin
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Sorkinistas is a community for and about everything Sorkin. All of his TV shows and movies, and the actors and actresses who are in them.

Pretty much everything is fair game. Allison Janney has a new movie? Tell us about it. Timothy Busfield directed an episode of some other show? Post it here. Sorkin-related icons are also more than welcome.

What I don't want to see:

1. Illegal downloads or links to illegal downloads. If you do that on your own time, that's not my business. But don't do it here.

2. No trashing other people's opinions. If someone thought the latest episode of Studio 60 sucked and you thought it was the best thing ever, you're both entitled to your opinions. Discuss it in a civil manner, don't be an asshole.

3. All spoilers *must* be under a cut or I'll delete it. No warnings, no discussion.

4. Inappropriate icons. Please be aware that this community is open to people of all age groups, as well as those who access this page at work...choose your icon accordingly.

5. If you have a problem with something going on in this community or with me personally, do NOT take it to my personal livejournal. Also, do not spam this community with your issues. My email address is listed right here on this page. Use it.

6. I'm entitled to add more rules as situations arise. I'll post any rules changes on the board.


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