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Mood theme, mood theme! :D

For the past week I've been working on a fairly general West Wing mood theme. I finally finished it today and thought since I put all this time into it, I might as well share it for those who are interested. =)

View the entire theme here.

The Side Notes:
+ C.J., Josh, and Donna have the most appearances in the theme (they make the best faces ;D), C.J. having the most with 28. The other main characters have fairly even appearances averaging in the 10-20's range, but there are some exceptions like Charlie and Will, who only have 2 and 4, respectively. A good number of more minor characters like Danny and Amy make appearances as well.
+ Most of the screenshots are from episodes in seasons 1-4. There are a few from 5-7, though.
+ All screenshots came from:,, and wistful_memory's gallery.
+ If you're going to use it, it would be neat if you'd link back to this entry for crediting. =)
+ Remember that you need a Sponsored or Paid account to use custom mood themes. If you try it with a Free account it's not going to work.

The Instructions:
+ These instructions have been edited from ones I found at If you have any problems, leave a comment here and we'll try to to figure it out. Now, when I put mine into my journal, I put it in using a different, much slower way, so I have not actually tested to see if everything's flawless for this method. I believe I've set everything up so you can do it correctly, but if I haven't, please tell me.

1. Go here to download the .zip file with the images and the .txt file which will be used shortly. MAKE SURE TO UNZIP THE ZIP FILE AND UPLOAD ALL THE IMAGES TO YOUR OWN SERVER.
2. Go here to the Admin Console. Use a new browser window for it.
3. In the box, enter this: moodtheme_create "West Wing Mood Theme" "TWW Moods" and then click "execute".
4. The next page should say, "Success. Your new moodthemeid=#." This number is very important, you will need it later. KEEP THE WINDOW OPEN.
5. Open Mood_Input.txt file in Word or Notepad.
6. Use the find/replace feature to change all the "188308"s to the number you wrote down earlier, and to replace my image links with yours.
7. Go back to the browser window you left open. In the box under where it gave you your mood icon set number, copy and paste all the codes from Mood_Input.txt. (remember that all the 188308's should be changed to your number). Click "execute".
8. If you did everything correctly the page should say, "Data Inserted" over and over. If something went wrong, it'll say, "Failed! You do not own this theme!", meaning that you just messed up somewhere. Be patient and start over from the beginning.
9. Go to the "Modify Journal" page.
10. In the drop down menu where you usually pick your mood theme, choose "West Wing Mood Theme". It should be at the end of the list.
11. Click "Save Changes".
12. You're done! You should now be seeing the theme in your journal.

Whew, what a mouthful of text. Hopefully everything will work for those who are going to use it! =)

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